Welcome to our site. Looking for a basketball game to listen to?

Are you at work? Traveling? Need to listen to a basketball game but can't find where. Then you've come to the right place. If it's being broadcast, you can listen to it, FREE.

How does it work?

Use the schedule page to view today's schedule and find a game you would like to listen to.

Click on one of the competing teams.

Click on a radio station.

Be patient, streaming may take up to a minute to load. If you hear music, nothing or some other programming, try the next station.

If you're having trouble opening live streaming click on hints.

Keep trying all the stations on both sides of a game until you can find one that's streaming

If there are TV links at the end of the station list, you should be able to view the game if you like. Sopcast TV links require Sopcast Media Player to be installed on your computer. Other TV links will be stand alone players. Same rule about trying all links until you find one that's streaming.

If you go through all the stations and cannot find the game, sorry, you've been shafted by the man.

If you just have to listen, click here to go to the official NBA site and pay to listen.

If you would like to chat with others about a game, go back to the schedule page and click on chat for a specific game.

Good luck and have fun.